Why Yoga?

I'm sure you've heard of yoga before. Maybe you are an avid yogi or maybe you've dismissed it as a new-age trend. Regardless of your relationship with the practice, yoga's effects on mind and body health have been scientifically documented over the years. Yoga has proven to bring employees stress relief, regulated mood, improved concentration and memory, fewer colds and the easing of chronic illness all while allowing individuals to develop deeper motivation, better focus, increased efficiency and more energy.  

Ok. So yoga is great for individuals. You've probably heard that before and I'm sure you're wondering, "What is it going to do for my business?" It's simple. Not only do yoga practitioners notice a significant improvement in their own health and well being but that enhancement is carried in to every aspect of their lives - especially in the workplace.

Whether it be sick leave, lack of focus and concentration, poor morale, or turnover, poor mental and physical health in employees is costing you money. Big money. Incorporating yoga into your weekly schedule and therein creating a more positive and healthy environment is not only an investment in the well-being of your employees, but also your company.



Still not convinced yoga will help your company? Check out our "Office YoGA STARTER" packet and these links for more facts on what incorporating a yoga program can do for you: