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Group "Corporate Yoga" Classes

At Nomad, all of our Corporate Yoga (or "CoYo") classes are completely customizable based on time of day, number of employees, what space you have available, and content of classes. We take into account what is important to your unique company and can work within almost any budget, time, and space. 



Don't want to change out of your work clothes? No problem! With our no change, no sweat 30-minute classes, you can reap the benefits of yoga and mindfulness without any fuss.


Rejuvenating and de-stressing yoga techniques that can be done with just a desk and a chair. Proven to increase productivity, mood, and energy. Conference table yoga is an amazing way to get all the benefits of yoga when you don't have the space for a traditional class.


Classic, time-honored yoga with a mat. Our most vigorous option, traditional yoga will leave you feeling revitalized and restored. Like all of our classes, our focus is on mind-body connection but there are endless possibilities depending on your company culture and preferences.


Specific meditation techniques designed specifically for an office environment can make a huge impact. With our customized, 30-minute meditation sessions, there will be a noticeable change that will last long after the session. 


With Nomad Corporate Yoga, you get more than your average yoga class. Along with our customized on-site classes we offer additions such as tailored tips for daily office wellness, virtual lessons, meditation techniques, and numerous other workshops. CoYo can be incorporated into any existing wellness plan or can easily become the foundation of your company's health platform. Just click on the "Learn More" button or email us at info@nomadcoyo.com to contact us for a free consultation on what incorporating CoYo would look like at your company.




 Yoga Classes

Not looking for a corporate group setting?

Lower back pain you can't seem to get rid of? Have you always wanted to increase your flexibility? Are you wanting to shed a few pounds? Just don't like to bend over in front of a bunch of people? No problem - we've got you covered. Our private yoga classes are custom made to fit your individual needs. With one-on-one coaching from an instructor, you're guaranteed to get more attention and a more personalized experience. The best part? We still come to you!

Prices vary based on length of class, location, and frequency.